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I purchased a vacation package November 5th after attending an expo and receiving a phone call that I had won this vacation package. I was told that I would not be charged until I decided to keep the package and after the 30 day deadline to return the package, my MC number would then be charged. After I talked to my mom regarding this package I realized it was maybe not the best idea, and called the bank to see if the charge had gone through and to cancel my mastercard. It had went through within 10 minutes of getting off the phone with them.

I followed the instructions for returning the package within 30 days of receiving it with a written document explaing my request to cancel and why and tracked it via canada post to see when it arrived in Florida. The company received my package November 29th, 2009. After 30 days my request for a refund was not honored so I emailed customer services. I got not response. So I copy and pasted that email and sent it a second time, informing them it was their last chance to validate my request before I took alternative measures.

The company emailed me back after this second email of mine and said my request would be submitted again to the accounting department. 2 weeks later (today) I still have not received a refund. I called the customer service line to inquire. The representative, took my reference number, "looked it up" and said that it was refunded today, I will see it on my statements in two -3 business days. I said thank you very much and he HUNG UP ON ME!!! Granted there was nothing left to say, but it was RUDE

I am so angry with this company,they are lazy, decietful and rude. I will never ever refer any one I know to this travel company and I will do everything in my power to make sure that people entering ballots in at expos know about this scam!

Monetary Loss: $598.

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:eek hopefully you advised your dredit card company not to pay the voucher.


I "won" a trip after entering a ballot at Bonnaroo '10. I was very excited but the man who was "giving me this deal" said that I MUST pay $398 with my card for "out of country tax fees" in that initial conversation, or the deal is up. He also stated that the company is only allowed to make one call per ballot, that it's in their contract not to contact the same person twice. So naturally when I came home to tell my roomate I had won, she said she received the SAME PHONE CALL SEVERAL TIMES and that they would not stop calling her. I looked at my call log and they had indeed called me more than once to "win." When I looked Special T Travel up online, all I could find were reports of scams, delayed repayment, rudeness, and more. So I called Bank of America and they told me to cancel my card and affirm with Special T that they would not charge my account. Then I called Special T, talked with Karen Pelice, and she promised me that the account would not be charged and that it had not gone through yet anyway. Well, SOMEHOW, two day later on June 18th 2010, Special T withdrew the $398 and withdrew my account. (Mind you rent and bills are due in seven days from today. I was NOT counting on this.) I called my bank when I realized my Netflix wouldn't work and that my card had been rejected. Bank of America told me that the charge had gone through and to file a claim with them, but that if Special T could be contacted and agreed to refund immediately, the money would be replaced. I called Karen back and she gave me two non-working numbers to the "corporate offices." I asked for her manager, and spoke to a man named HOWIE. Howie is a rude, immature person who began raising his voice and saying things like "I'm not calling you a liar, but those numbers work and I will call right now so you can hear-" I told him that would not be neccesary, and to be aware that all these scam reports also mention the utter rudeness victims encounter when this situation so often arises. He really couldn't keep his cool at all. He insisted that I call the company's corporate headquarters in the morning. I told him he should be training his employees so that they do not misinform customers and say "a transaction is cancelled" when really, it has to go through headquarters. He said "It's a different city, so you know, we don't communicate with them directly, you should." Basically saying that if you try to cancel your order with them, even immediately, and even if you are told it is indeed cancelled, IT WILL STILL BE CHARGED and you have to go through these bunk numbers to officially change the transaction. This ***-pany is obviously run by a bunch of ***, liars and thieves, and I do hope that they are taken down immediately.

I advise any person who is dealing with them to try recording the conversation through speakerphone for use in court when they steal all your money and lie and cheat you just like they do to every other person that encounters their shady operation.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it's Special T trying to scam you.


Usually when you purchase anything with a debit/credit card ANYWHERE from any store or even online and including over the phone purchases...YES your money will be taken out immediately...

Welcome to the real world people!!


The exact same thing happened to me!! I booked a trip the exact same day and they did the same thing with the cancellation, as in...kept delaying it.

I did finallllly get it though. However, at that point, the date had passed for the trip I had booked!

We are talking at least 60 days until I got my refund!! Good luck to you!


Please do let us know if you get a refund. I am a college student and the exact same happened to me this week. I am worried out of my mind.

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