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We purchased a super discounted 10 day trip to FL with Special T Travel including a cruise to the Bahamas. Upon arrival at the port in FL we were told that our ship had departed for the Bahamas the day before!!

There we were stranded in the heat, with our suitcases, standing in front of the closed terminal doors like idiots trying to find a place to stay in FL. Special T Travel admitted their mistake and told us the cruise portion of the trip would be refunded (one week later, still no refund). They said they could not help us with the hotel because they do not have hotel contracts. We had to beg to at least get a comped rental car from them so we could drive around looking for a place to stay.

All in all, I was not happy with their service. Who makes such a huge mistake on the date of departure for a cruise???

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Phew! They actually refunded the money!!!

I really did not expect to see it but am very happy they did.

So granted, they were good about the refund but the screw-up was a bit amateurish.

Thanks for the advice however :)


I suggest you contact an attorney immediately and file a breach of contract lawsuit against this company. I wish you had done your due diligence prior to booking with this company.

The BBB gives this company a "F" rating. As far as seeing your refund in the mail just remember the saying "the check is in the mail." Go to court, get a judgement, and attach their assets. This is the only way you will see any money.

Good luck. With all these sad stories I am so happy I did my due diligence and provide some ways to get your money back.

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