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Bought a budget travel package from them - 3 night in Orlando, 2 in Daytona, at a good price. Was told we would be offered a tour of properties, but we did not have to participate.

LIES.... If you don't participate, they will not put you up in the facilities for the agreed-upon price. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE- THEY LIE. And the places they send you are CRAPPY!!!!

The hotels STINK - seriously, smelled moldy and wet. We paid extra money for an upgrade in Orlando, and it was OK, but with the extra money, not much of a bargain, and we spent 4 hours for a presentation.

Daytone sucked - OLD hotel, smelly, and had to go to ANOTHER PRESENTATION. Avoid these people!!

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When I tryed to book a stay with in 72 hours they told me I had to stay in a side hotel. At that point I ased for my money back.

They asked me to send in my package and they will refund my money. This was 1-23-2013, I'm still waiting for the refund and don't have the Package. When I call they put me on hold and never come back to the phone.

Their hours are the same as most working people (9-6) during the week. They have no week-end or night hours.

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